The New


Welcome to the new Innovating Tomorrow. Innovating Tomorrow has always been about technology but it's time for a change. Innovating tomorrow is now a blog about technology and the church. Here is what you can expect:


Ideas are what power technology. We will share ideas. Some from here, some from guest bloggers, and some from readers. The idea is to get ideas out there, brainstorming on ideas, and people using them to reach people with the greatest message out there.

How To's

One of the things I am asked the most is how to do technical things. Maybe it's get transparent pngs to work in IE or how to setup a content management system to build something. There will be posts about these and everything in between.

Why do something

Time is important. With pastors, church leaders, and people through the church not having enough time to get everything done why should they do something we are suggesting or something new.

From another angle we have questions to talk about like, why do an online community a certain way?


There are a lot of products and services that affect and can empower the church. We'll review them and give you the opportunity to chime in. Details on this in the coming weeks.

More to come

This new site is starting out small but it will grow. Look out for more to come. If you have any questions or comments please use the contact form.