The Challenge

KeyboardA couple months ago I was trying to tie in a web service my church was using into our new church website. The service advertised tying in their service to church websites as flexible and easy to do. Not finding it so flexible, I contacted their technical support for answers. What I found was that the amount of customization and tie into church websites was lacking. It was methods and technology that were available at the turn of the millennium. When I asked why their service was out of date they, honestly, said that churches and ministries didn't expect more. This is what my friend, Bob, likes to call 'Good Enough For Church'.

Good Enough For Church

'Good Enough For Church' is where churches settle for just having something rather than doing it well. Maybe the church has a website so they can say they have one rather than having one that makes a difference. Maybe the church has a podcast to say they have one rather than having one people actually listen to. There are a million places this can and does happen. Technology is often a place where 'Good Enough For Church' shows itself.

It's Understandable

This makes sense. Churches and churches leaders have a lot going on. Why should a podcast take a priority over something else? Why should they time to support and be involved in one?

Technology people are busy in churches. The time and skill to do things well takes time and energy. Something that is often not there.

Then there is the elusive dollar issue. Technoloy costs money. Is a CD/DVD duplicator worth the $1000 cost? How about the church sound system? How about the difference between a great church website and one that passes as having one?

Time For A Change

It's time for a change. Churches should expect more from their service providers. Church service providers should be doing more for the mission. 'Good Enough For Church' doesn't cut it. Good use of technology in ministry can make a difference. It can reach people. It provides other ways to reach people with the message. It can aid in connecting people with people to help each other out. Taking advantage of what's out there helps us in the church take the message to people where they are at.

The Challenge

The challenge is for every church technology person to go for more. Take it beyond 'Good Enough For Churches'. Learn how to do it well. Learn what to expect. Learn how to take full advantage of what's out there. Learn how to use technology to take the message to the people where they are at. Learn to use technology to serve others.

That's what this blog is about. Stepping up to the challenge. The Geeks and God podcast has been one avenue to seek doing it well. This blog is another.

If you're a church technology person, or even just someone interested in how and why it matters, subscribe to the blog and check out the podcast. technology is now about people and where they are at.

Love it!

Hi MF,

I love this. I feel strongly about the same thing. It's very concerning that people will say, "it's good enough for church." I think of even in terms of donating things to the church. You know, the church needs a new dvd player for a Sunday school room so someone is like, "Oh, I'll donate my old cheap $50 dvd player that only works 1/2 the time."

So, it's the same with technology, design, even quality of ministry sometimes. So, this is great to see and I'm excited to help get the word out. I'll be blogging about this this week as well and be sure to link over here.


I've experienced the donation problem you talk about. Specifically with computers.

Thanks for visiting. I'm hoping this turns out to be a good thing.

Right on the money

You couldn't be more right, Matt. I am in the process right now of revamping all the tech areas of my church (a small church in upstate NY) and just getting the buy in from leadership is definitely a difficult thing. Our church is older and trying to sell a paradigm shift is seeming to be a challenge.

I am using your 'Good Enough for Church' argument. Jesus didn't do the job halfway...neither should we. :^)

Thanks for the great info!


Thanks for pushing dialogue on this topic, Matt. I'm facing these sorts of issues with my church's web presence, and I'll be tracking this conversation closely.

geeks and god

I just love your podcast and nearly always agree with just about all you say/do. I look forward very much to 2008 and the knowledge you can all impart.

We certainly do need to be the head and not the tail when it comes to tech stuff in God's Kingdom work.

I heard about you all via and listen to your podcast while picking strawberries in the greenhouse during my day job.

John Cummins
New Market, Tennessee