Publicity with Desktop Widgets

geeksgodpodcast widgetDesktop widgets are a great way to get free publicity. These days both Windows users and Mac uses can have widgets on their desktop. They are built into the Mac operating system and Windows Vista. For Windows XP users there is Yahoo! Widgets. These widgets can be fun, like the dancing hula girl on my desktop, or functional, like the weather widgets. In either case, these widgets are great free publicity.

Darrin, one of the regular listeners of Geeks and God and an active member in the forum, recently created the Geeks and God Podcast widget for macs. It lets you listen to the podcast right from your dashboard, easily get to past episodes, and see information about each episode. This is great publicity for the podcast.

When someone goes to Apples dashboard downloads and chooses Radio and Podcasts the Geeks and God widget is on the list. Now, this might not seem like a great way to publicize something. But, it's out there in a new place, in a way that people consider fun and hopping, in a place where lots of people go, and in a place that you couldn't reach through other means. Plus, it's not something you have to pay for regularly, it just sits out there doing it's thing, and is a constant additional point of entry into your web presence.

If you have a podcast, a website with updating content, or some other web presence a widget is something to definitely consider.