Flot: Graphs With jQuery

Everyone love pictures. This includes graphs. Why read a table of information to compare something when you can see it, plain as day, in a graph. In my search for a way to easily create graphs on the fly I came across the jQuery plugin flot. Flot creates graphs on the fly.


These graphs can be static or you can interact with them. You can check out examples here and get more information on flot at its Google code page.


It works for me in ff/netscape/opera/safari but not in ie7, and not even in ie8.

this looks promising

I currently use image_graph to generate graphs server side, but this looks like it could be a useful replacement.

Amazing what can be achieved

Amazing what can be achieved with jQuery.

Flot with IE 7

It can work with IE 7. You just have to include another js file packaged with a Flot release.