The Jesus Geek Podcast

jesusgeek.jpgAre you a technology geek for Jesus? John Wilkerson sure is and produces a weekly podcast called the Jesus Geek Podcast. Being a podcaster and geek I'm regularly asked what podcasts I listen to. This is one of few on my short list of regulars.

John isn't just a fellow podcaster. He is, also, going to be speaking at the Geeks and God conference. On Geeks and God we often talk about professional audio setups and helping church do them as inexpensively as possible. John has taken the inexpensive and open source route (this is the way I would go if I didn't have Bob the audio engineer as my co-host) and this is what he will be talking about and teaching at the conference.

The Jesus Geek podcast website describes the podcast as:

Jesus Geek is a technology podcast hosted by a Christian, geek, amateur astronomer and homeschooling dad. Updated weekly, it features news about technology, gadgets, and computers (both PC and Mac) and tutorials. You’ll hear about technology, not from an insider, but from someone on the outside looking in. It’s a different perspective that I think you’ll find refreshing.

In addition, each podcast contains a spiritual element, whether it’s a reading from scripture or devotional (My Utmost for His Highest is my favorite) or an exposition on scripture by the host.


...for the props!

Nerds For Jesus


Nice website.

It's possible for the forums at Nerds-For-Jesus to host forum feedback to your podcasting.

Give it some thought.