About Innovating Tomorrow

Welcome to Innovating Tomorrow - A blog to help help the people of the church become better at using technology for the mission of the church

Matt Farina
My name is Matt Farina and I'm a church technology guy. Technology is an often overlooked element in the church. Schedules are busy, expectations are often not very high, and technology is done in a way that's half hearted and just doesn't produce the results it could. That's where Innovating Tomorrow comes in.

Innovating Tomorrow is a blog about technology in the church. We talk about the theory of use for technology, how to do something in a way that's church specific, introductions to technologies, methods, products, and services, reviews of products, and how to articles that explain how to do something with technical detail.

This blog is a response to a need and a challenge. Want to get involved in the response? Subscribe and learn how.


Innovating Tomorrow provides a consulting service. Have questions about technology? Want to learn more? Looking for a specific implementation strategy for your church or ministry? Looking for a website for your church or ministry? Use the contact form to take the next step.