jQuery Update and jQuery UI Release New Versions

jquery-logo.jpgNew releases just came out for the drupal 6 versions of the jQuery Update and jQuery UI modules. These updates bring drupal up to speed with the current releases from the jQuery team.

Highlights of the new release of jQuery Update:

  • Updated to 1.2.6 version of jQuery.
  • Added ability to replace core scripts other than jQuery when they are affected by an update.
  • Users can specify the compression level for jQuery between uncompressed, minified, and packed.

The 1.2.6 release of jQuery is the first to support jQuery UI 1.5 and sports a few changes along with bug fixes and performance enhancers. For example, event objects in Internet Explorer used to have the attributes offsetX and offsetY. These are no longer present in this release of jQuery. If you need to use them they can be calculated with the following code:

if ( typeof event.offsetX == 'undefined' && typeof event.offsetY == 'undefined' ) {
  var offset = $(event.target).offset(false);
  event.offsetX = event.pageX - offset.left;
  event.offsetY = event.pageY - offset.top;

While this release brings core up to date it's always good to test contributed and custom modules to makes sure they work as well.

Highlights of the new release of jQuery UI:

  • Works with the latest 1.5 release.
  • Inherits the compression level set by jQuery Update.
  • jquery_ui_add() can now accept either an array of ui scripts or a single one as a string.

This version of jQuery UI is really impressive when it comes to building complex javascript interfaces.

Awesomeness * 2

Hey Matt!

More jQuery awesomeness.... Loved the Geeks and God episode on jQuery. Kept me in the Drupal world during my move. I really have to get more into the jQuery world. Too much backend Drupal stuff lately, and not much front end awesesomeness.

As for the Rob Feature's request for a "Make fun of your mom when you enter an insecure password" module? I think that's a stretch, haha.

Keep it up! You guys rule!


Thanks for listening

Rob, thanks for still listening to us. You are becoming quite a drupal ninja.

I'm lucky enough to use jQuery daily. If only I could spend more time on drupal stuff. What a flip flopped world.