Bible Modules For Drupal

The Bible is the most popular (and possibly hated) book ever. It's popular enough that when the iTunes App store launched for the iphone and ipod touch a bible application was one of the most popular applications. There are more translations of the original text into English than any other book I've herd of or even imagined. So, it should come as no surprise that there are a couple ways to integrate the bible into a drupal installation.

Bible Module

The Bible Module provides a way to integrate the entire bible into your website. This module provides a means to read *.bc (bible context) files and display and use the bible within a site. Along with the bible there is Strong Number integration and some nice AJAX and JavaScript features.

For those of us operating out of English translations we might find this module of limited use because the popular English translations all have some copyright restrictions put on them. There are open and free bible translations available for this module.

One place the module seems to excel is in translations of the bible in other languages. There are, currently, translations in Chinese (traditional and simplified), Greek, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, and Taiwanese.

For more details on the project and bible translation downloads check out the modules homepage.

Scripture Filter Module

This simple module provides a filter for text entered in textareas. The filter scans text looking for bible references. When it finds a reference it converts it to a link pointing to that scripture. There are a number of translations including the NIV, ESV, NET, KJV, NKJR, and more.

RSS Feeds

Drupal modules provide a number of ways to integrate feeds into your sites and bible websites provide many feeds. For more details on some availabe feeds check out Bible Gateway and The ESV Bible.