Geeks and God Conference Follow-up Thoughts

Geeks and God Conference Drupal Day Crowd

The Geeks and God Web 2.0 Conference was a success! We weren't sure what to expect at the first conference. The outcome was better than we could have expected and we have to thank everyone who was involved.

For those of you who are interested, photos of the conference are up on the Geeks and God flickr group

The information packed 3 day long conference was held at Michigan Theological Seminary, which I learned has one of the largest theological libraries in the United States. During the first 2 days of the conference we covered the theory of the web which ranged from blogs and podcasts to content management systems and community websites. The third day was 100% drupal. The conference was billed as having the attendees leaving the conference with a drupal site ready to go. For many, that's just what they got. But, a group of us decided to dive into some more advanced learning that ranged from understanding CCK and Views to jQuery and module development.

Bob and I learned a lot putting on the conference. Some of the notable things were how great it was to spend time with other Christian geeks working for the mission, the types of questions people have, and all the different expertise the people at the conference have to share with others.

The fun doesn't stop here. We have already decided to do another conference and the first steps to planning it have already started. So, keep a look out for the next Geeks and God Conference.

just a suggestion

Have you thought about doing the conference in a cruise? you get the conference stuff going on and then in-between, you are inspired by beautiful scenery. Not sure what something like that costs, and if it's even affordable for you guys, but I bet you attract a lot more people. Alaskan cruise? Caribbean?

then you can give the sessions cool names like... "catch the drupal wave" etc... obviously the drupal drop can be all over this.