Drupal Churches Group

The Drupal Churches Group has grown stale with little activity in the last several months. This group, over on groups.drupal.org, was created on a whim but grew to be in the largest 10% of groups. Now, with a large base of members it sits virtually untapped with a large pool of potential. The question is, what will become of the group?

What does management want?

In an effort to see where the groups manager was interested in taking the group I contacted him. Unfortunately, he is no longer drupaling. Not because drupal doesn't rock. Life has taken him in a different direction and we should wish him the best. But, he did allow me to become the groups manager with an intent to tap into the potential for the good of the kingdom.

What do you want?

The question remains, what will become of the group? Before I make any changes I'd like to hear from the peanut gallery. What are your suggestions? Should the purpose of the group shift? What about the groups layout and design? Should there be a logo? How about a drupal for churches distribution? Is anyone interested in hosting a churches event?

No matter how crazy you think your idea is I'm interested. Even if it's just a desire for the group and not necessarily a change.