Web Design Shirts

webdesignshirts-nun.jpgLooking for a fun web development shirt? How about a shirt only your CSS and jQuery reading friends will understand? If so, check out the new shirts site WebDesignShirts.com. This site came about because Bob Christenson discovered the domain WebDesignShirts.com wasn't taken and thought the domain was too good of a name to pass up. Two days later a site had been launched and 16 different designs were up.

Drupal fans will see there are more drupal shirts than any other type and the site was built with drupal.

The jQuery shirt won't execute

I like the shirts... but I can't imagine wearing a geek shirt with buggy code. The jQuery one is missing a closing paren. (And it really should terminate with a semi-colon. Otherwise, when it gets "packed" into the laundry, you might get undefined behavior.)

Please Pass It On

Please pass your debug comment at http://webdesignshirts.com/contact. Bob can fix it then.

It's also missing a $ before (this). Though, depending on what .drink does it may still be valid. :)


Yeah, about 10 minutes after I created the shirt I knew that the code was bad. I'm no javascript guy and it was passed onto my by someone else. I was waiting to see who the first coder would be that would point it out.

Why haven't I fixed it. Laziness. Pure laziness.

XHTML 1.0 Strict ? too

XHTML 1.0 Strict ? too Strict ? :-)

how did you integrated spreadshirt.com and your drupal site ?

From The Looks Of It

From the looks of the site it's using CCK and Views to create the site. The homepage is a view. The link to spreadshirt.com is a CCK field and the Image is just in the body. I'm surprised that's not a CCK field, too. For the sorting Taxonomy looks to be used.

This looks to be a fairly simple drupal 6 site.

matt farina

just checking to see if this is a matt farina from canton, ohio. Akron U?


That would be a difference Matt Farina. I have never lived in Ohio.