Rebuilding The Geeks and God Website

If you visit the Geeks and God website this image is what you will see rather than the thriving community.

Last month we took a break from recording podcast episodes to put some much needed work into the website. We have now hit the point where we needed to take the website offline to get much of the real work done. This isn't typical of websites we build and it's not typical of drupal websites.

Design Debt

The Geeks and God website was initially build on drupal 4.7. The podcast episodes were page nodes and we used a program to generate our feeds. Eventually we moved to feedburner to replace our desktop app. A short time after that we moved to the audio module for new episodes.

This is just a small picture of the design debt we have going on. There is a lot of cleanup work and that's the stage we are at now. To do the cleanup we have left we needed to take the site offline.

New Design

Along with cleaning up the mess we created over the years we have a new design. The wire frames are in good shape, the functionality is layed out, and the design is moving along.

For anyone wondering, this means we are actually using this break to update the site in a way to make it more useful for geeks and non-geeks.

In our first episode back we'll cover the ins and outs of the new design and the new features. Stay tuned for more details.


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I'll miss your site while

I'll miss your site while you upgrade, but wish you a smooth transition. Are you moving to Drupal 6? Also, will the old forums and comments content be preserved? That has been a great resource for me.


The comments and forums will be preserved. This isn't just a simple migration or update. We are moving to drupal 6, a new setup for podcasting, and adding many new (and hopefully useful) features to the site.

Looking forward to it!

Hi Matt -
I'm really looking forward to seeing how the audio content is handled in the new site. I'm particularly interested in how you will convert the old audio nodes to CCK. This is exactly where I am at with our church TV program website.

Cheers and I'll see you back at G&G in December!

G&G 2.0

looking forward to the new Geeks & God 2.0.