Registration Open For The Interactive Church Conference

Registration is open for the next Geeks and God Conference called the Interactive Church Conference. After the success of the previous Geeks and God conference we decided to continue having these conferences. The Interactive Church Conference is going to focus on web based technologies and their uses in the local church.

The Interactive Church Conference is different than your average church conference. This conference is designed for your average non-technology centered church leader and for your web savvy church tech worker or volunteer. For the non-tech church leadership there will be sessions led by Bob Christenson, of Mustardseed Media, and myself. These sessions will walk through Internet usage in our culture and how the church can be a presence in that form of communication. For the web savvy attenders (geeks) there will be an unconference where the attenders submit sessions and will lead the different talks. If you think this is unconventional you would be wrong. Many of the top technology conferences follow and unconference format.

Our goal is to bring together the technology savvy church members and church leadership. To help with that, if a leader and a geek sign up together the geek ticket is FREE. That's right, I said FREE.

As a bonus, if you sign up before February 1 you'll get a free Mustardseed Media t-shirt.

The conference will be happening February 27-28 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Tickets are only $149.

For more details or to sign up for the conference head over to