Mustardseed Media Video Podcast

mustardseed_media_videopodcasticon.jpgMustardseed Media, a company Innovating Tomorrow regularly partners with, recently launched a video podcast about web development focusing in on drupal development. This video podcast is unique compared to the ones I typically see in that it comes out regularly and offers low res and 720p HD resolution videos of each videocast. Plus, it has what might be the best introduction to any of the drupal videocasts I've seen so far.

These episodes don't focus on advanced development. Instead they cover the basic concepts and how tos new developers are asking and looking for.

Some of the recent episodes have focused on Imagefield and Imagecache, the Views Rotator module, module theming, podcasting With drupal 6, and Photoshop reflections.

If you're looking for some short and sweet drupal tutorial videos check out the Mustartseed Media Video Podcast.


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The podcasts seem really

The podcasts seem really useful, but are they Mac-only? I neither have an iPod not have itunes. Could you consider providing it in another format?

You Can Still Access Them

I am not the one providing the videocasts. But, that doesn't matter. While iTunes icons are displayed right up front there are regular RSS icons on the videocasts page as well. The format of the video files can be seen by video players other those provided by apple. The sizing for the ipod version is just providing the size at the resolution ipods need to view it.

So, someone not using iTunes can subscribe to the RSS feed, can watch the video via flash or from either of the downloaded file sizes.